Original Zones

Roulette assistant for multiple areas and zones

Original Zones offers an unprecedented global vision, designed to identify betting opportunities much faster than with the information usually provided by the casino itself.

It also applies complex algorithms to detect patterns and suggest which bets to place at any given time to multiple zones, assisting the user with really high effectiveness.

It is configurable according to the user's preferences and playing style, and has an ultra-fast simulator to test different configurations before betting in a real environment and graphically see the evolution and profits of the entire session.

    • 100% online software , does not require installation.
    • Accessible from any device , from the web or the APP .
    • Sign up to try it for FREE and continue using it only if you find it useful.

TUTORIAL - How does it work?

Winners - Original Zones Tutorial - Interfaz general y funcionamiento básico
Original Zones - ¿Cómo funciona?

Unlike Cylinder Boss , which is based on the prediction of the cylinder zones in which the ball will land based on the launch trends, Original Zones is focused on the detection of betting opportunities on the different zones of the mat.

Its potential lies in the wide vision of the game offered to detect sequences and opportunities that escape if we only rely on the vague statistics offered by the casinos.

The powerful pattern detection algorithms allow the player to keep an eye on all the combined zones to bet on at the precise moment, as well as the sequences and amounts of bets to be made at each step.

Apart from its high playability for basic zones such as red, black, even, odd... you can combine multiple bets to dozens or single and double columns, and additionally take advantage of a unique system in hot number trends and division of the cylinder or racetrack into sectors equal.

Undoubtedly, it is not only software that will help us increase our chances of winning at roulette , but also multiplies the fun in a spectacular way in any session. Qualities that have quickly made it the leading software in the sector.

In addition, more advanced users will discover all the power of Winners by customizing the behavior of the assistant according to their preferences and activating the simulator to test their settings before betting in a real environment. The graph will visually show the evolution and gains of the entire session.

This is what a real session with Original Zones looks like!

Winners - Probando Winners ante una ruleta y casino real
Probando Original Zones de Winners ante una ruleta real

In this video you can get an idea of ​​​​the effectiveness of Original Zones , and find out how the wizard is actually used in a real game of roulette , with real balance , how to start and what strategies to follow to make a profit.

We hope it will serve you as a practical tutorial to use Winners in a real environment, and that of course all your bets are a success.

Greetings... and luck be with Winners !

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¡Los mejores canales recomiendan Winners!
¡Los mejores canales recomiendan Winners!
Omar Raziel GANA +4500 dólares usando Winners en un directo
Omar Raziel GANA +4500 dólares usando Winners en un directo
Intentando Duplicar Banca de 24,000 EUROS con Winners (SIN CORTES)
Intentando Duplicar Banca de 24,000 EUROS con Winners (SIN CORTES)
El referente
El referente "Mundo Trading" pone a prueba "Original Zones"
Original zones - ¡Explicado en sesión real!
Original zones - ¡Explicado en sesión real!
Original Zones - ¿Cómo funciona?
Original Zones - ¿Cómo funciona?
Original Zones - Vista general
Original Zones - Vista general
Original Zones - Cabecera
Original Zones - Cabecera
Original Zones - Sugerencias de apuesta
Original Zones - Sugerencias de apuesta
Original Zones - Visión de zonas
Original Zones - Visión de zonas
Original Zones - Configuraciones
Original Zones - Configuraciones
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 1
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 1
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 2
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 2
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 3
Original Zones - Ajustes personalizados 3
Original Zones - Gráfica evolución
Original Zones - Gráfica evolución


Use the default presets or create your own settings to determine the behavior based on your play style.
Agile and intuitive
The game vision, betting opportunities and tools are designed for fluid gameplay and a minimal learning curve .
Ultra-fast simulator
Generate random numbers on the fly to simulate a real roulette session. The graph will show you the evolution of the game and you can test your own configurations.
Evolution graph
The real-time graph allows you to analyze it to test each configuration and perfect your playing style.
Betting Tips
The assistant will show you the betting sequences to place for each area .
Effective game vision
You will be able to see information that casinos do NOT offer you and it will allow you to quickly identify betting opportunities for each area.
Custom martingale
You can customize the type of martingales or betting sequences (linear, inverse, incremental...), as well as the chips to win at each step.
Pattern detection
Detecting complex patterns multiplies betting opportunities .
Automatic calculation
Automatic calculation of amounts, betting sequences and martingales according to the balance and your own settings.
Smart algorithms
Intelligent algorithms to increase profits and compensate for possible losses.
regular cylinder division
Dividing the cylinder and betting on equal segments gives a great advantage (2,3,4,6,9), which does not happen with the classic options that the casino offers us.
Challenges and objectives
You can set a goal based on your balance and a withdrawal limit , and easily see how close you are.
Save game
You've just played a session of roulette in a casino: now you can save your game and load those spins to test them with different settings.
Multiply your success
We have carried out thousands of tests , and we can affirm that responsible gaming increases your chances of success by up to 80% .
Use the assistant at any casino or betting house (online or in-person), and any type of roulette (with croupier, virtual, automatic).
From any device
It is accessible online and adaptable to any device , since its design is elastic and does NOT require installation .


José Miguel Peris
En correo electrónico
"Thank you very much for being so attentive, you are a great team and since I met you I try to use your great software in my free time. Thanks for the time and training. You do a spectacular job and I am going to recommend you on my blog."
Solución a los problemas
"I use this software, and it works! They are the best both in programming and in dealing with people. The support they have is magnificent. You won't regret it, I assure you."
Jose Luis Real Marin
"I can only say that I purchased the free one-week software and automatically purchased the 24-hour software and SPECTACULAR, whoever did it... did a great job."
Pablo Arguedas
En Correo electrónico
"Congratulations on the software, it has worked incredibly well for me, in 15 days I went from €500 to €5000... crazy, now I'm wondering what my income is going to be if I continue at this pace..."
Panamera Rd
"I bought the software and it works great for me but I would like them to update playing to more sectors of the cylinder at least 2, 3 or 4, please do that update."
The user's suggestion has already been implemented.
Adriana Fernández Castro
En correo electrónico
"I wanted to thank you for your quick responses. I have seen the entire recording of the roulette class, very good and I have cleared up a lot of doubts. Many times when it is online and you buy something like that, they generally don't even answer, much less give you a class like the one you have given us. It is good to see that there are very professional and honest people and I am more than sure that you will have a bright future."
Carlos Correa
En correo electrónico
"Thank you for this incredible work of generating this software, I am using it in automatic roulette with air and it works better than with a human dealer, I already managed to double the capital in a single session of 40 turns. Thank you and I hope you continue to improve it."
Dick Berman
Professional player
"If you play roulette and don't rely on Winners, you are risking too much."
Álex Murillo
"The program is fantastic, it helps you a lot to see opportunities that without it you would not be able to see. I've been using it for 2 days and I've already made 80 euros of profit."
Félix Maroto
"I changed the configuration and with €100 I was able to pay for the 1-year subscription and it's going very well, winners is amazing!"
Yo soy el que yo soy
"I have been trying it and the truth is that I loved it, just the fact of being able to see quickly and by color if it is even, odd, which dozens each number belongs to and how long it has been since each thing has appeared is worth it."
Mike Rutherford
Application expert
"Simple for beginners, powerful for experts."
Ignacio Ubilla
En correo electrónico
"It is true that at first it had some bugs, but despite that, SureBet safe sports betting is a great application. You're working on it. I have already earned €200 in 3 days and I hope to continue earning more. All the best."
Bruno Rodríguez
En YouTube
"I did what they told me from support and earned 1000 pesos thanks to the software, it's really fun to earn little by little with a small balance."
"I have always looked askance at the low balance configuration of Original Zones because I thought that over time it would not be very profitable, but after 52 daily sessions in evolution live roulette the balance almost tripled, it surprised me!"
Álex Saiz Clos
En correo electrónico
"Thank you very much for your attention, every day I am happier with the software and the treatment you give us. The personalized training has been incredible."


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